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We love bringing beauty and community back to our city! Harper Raine Homes buys properties in any condition to renovate and revitalize them, making communities better and more beautiful. Contact our team today - We are excited to work with you!

Want to see some of our work from the comfort of your own home? Watch us on Going for Sold, every Thursday at

10pm CST on HGTV!  


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Harper Raine Homes


Welcome to Harper Raine Homes, LLC. We are a Houston, TX based family owned business (led by Jon and Mary), committed to the investment and improvement of the Houston residential community.

If you have a home that you would like to see revitalized or you are looking for a FAIR OFFER from someone you can trust, make sure to fill out our contact form above! We would love to talk to you about what you need and find out what YOU see for the future of your home.  

Not sure about selling your home? We offer a multitude of other services from real estate investing, renovating, revitalization, home staging, and more. Follow us on social media to see even more of what we do and catch us on our new show, Going for Sold, airing every Thursday on HGTV at 10 pm CST!

PR Inquiries? Please write to dorcey@harperrainehomes.com

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Harper Raine Homes


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We are here to help. Fill out our contact form or call 281-650-7417. Let us know what we can do for you: a home purchase, a full renovation, or more. We specialize in real estate problems - especially those that put  a burden on you, the homeowner. 

Take Control of Your Situation

Whether you are facing foreclosure, owner of a vacant property, needing to relocate quickly, or own a "fixer-upper" you don't have the time or funds to fix, we want to help. We want to help you take control of your situation and get back to your stress-free life. We’ll present you with options that can help turn a potential negative into a positive.

See Your Results

When our team reaches out to you, we will present you with an offer. All of this 100% free to you. No fees. No obligations. We want to make it fast, simple and easy. Most of all, we want to help turn your house dream into a home reality!

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