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At Harper Raine Homes, LLC, we are a hands-on company that prides ourselves in creating homes and spaces that our clients love on any budget! Our process begins with a confidential questionnaire, followed by a personal discovery call with our Head Designer, Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin. At the client’s convenience, a one hour in home consultation will be scheduled.

SERVICES INCLUDE: Interior design and renovations; Virtual Design; and Personal shopping and home decor. Packages include  a customized

mood board, and furniture and decor selected personally from a variety of showrooms. Additional services available from custom window treatments to paint pallets and home organization.

Virtual Design Services are offered to clients anywhere; Design Consultations are offered in our home town of Houston, Texas


When Harper Raine Homes, LLC was started, we created a business based on home investment and renovations that led to greater resale values. Over time, our company has evolved and we have been able to specialize our skills and offer custom home renovation plans for our clients. Now, you don’t have to sell your home or take on tremendous DIY projects to turn your house into the home you have been dreaming of. Our team will schedule a virtual or in-person consultation to discuss what projects you would like to take on and what part of your home you would like to renovate. Together, we will create a home renovation portfolio, complete with plans, budgets, and scheduling estimates. 

Home Renovation Services are offered in our home town of Houston, Texas


If you have a home that you love but you would like a change in layout or some added space, let our team help you get there. At Harper Raine Homes, LLC, we work with a dedicated team, skilled in all aspects of home construction. We will review your plans (and make suggestions if needed) and provide you with a detailed quote to accomplish the project. Our team has taken on a number of great home redesigns, adding space, building outdoor features, or simply expanding floor plans. Our expertise in renovations and redesign has helped homes look better and sell faster. Contact us today to set up your first consultation with our team. 

Home Redesign Services are offered in our home town of Houston, Texas


Harper Raine Homes, LLC is a home services company that offers everything you need to turn your house into a dream home. If that starts with buying or selling a house, we can help with that too. Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin is our in-house expert on everything real estate. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and compassionate. Jon is the kind of agent who does not just sell you a house - He helps you find a home and then uses his network to get you the best financing, he brings in experienced contractors to help you fix things (or often does the work himself), he is honest about what renovation projects you may need- and does all of this while treating you as a friend, not a business transaction. Jon can help you find the home you are dreaming of or the fixer-upper you want to transform into your dream home. Fill out our contact form, give us a call, or reach out to us on social media - we are always ready to help you with all of your real estate needs! 

Realtor Services are offered throughout the state of Texas


At Harper Raine Homes, all service options will begin with a non-refundable $300 consultation fee to review projects and finalize an estimate.

This fee includes a site visit and personalized meeting.

We look forward to working with you! 

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