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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

A full service design installation in a newly purchased home, using a variety of textures and colors to turn a client’s house into a home that represented her professional life, her hobbies, and her bright personality.

After having appeared on HGTV’s Going For Sold, Jon and Mary became known as a couple that could transform older homes into beautiful spaces. However, for the folks who were not as interested in the process of a fixer upper, the couple also started offering design services to help pull together a flowing, personalized décor in the newer homes certain clients purchased.

“They chatted over a shared love for world travel and came up with an overall design theme for the whole house.”

When Mary first met with this client, she was fascinated to hear about everything she had accomplished in her life. They chatted over a shared love for world travel and came up with an overall design theme for the whole house. The two spaces that would stand out the most in this space would be the open kitchen/living room area and of course, the client’s master bedroom.

Creating the Look

To pull the look together, Mary chose the perfect mix of cooler colors, with occasional splashes of warmer hues throughout. The final product was exactly what the client had been imagining. The master bedroom statement piece came in the form of a 3-D textured wall, adding color and dimension to what could have otherwise been a more empty space. Furniture throughout the house was selected to continue a theme of sophistication and practicality working together.

The open kitchen and living room area held a large sectional, decorated with warm hues that seem to pull in even more of the natural light that bounced in through the large windows. Gold accents throughout the space further accentuated the light, making the space feel warm and cozy at any point during the day.

In the end, this project helped transform a new home into the sophisticated nest the client and her family were ready to call home. No detail was left behind, with office, guest spaces, and children’s bedrooms included in the installation. A fan favorite on our social media accounts, this house truly became a beautiful nest of blue and gold.

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