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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The complete turnaround of a slanted house with an outdoor laundry shed to a warm, inviting home with an impeccably redesigned floor plan.

This house was an exciting project from the start for Jon and Mary as it was in a fantastic, growing area of Houston known as Third Ward. The outside of the house had great curb appeal to begin with and aside from a few changes to modernize the façade, there was not an incredible amount of work to be done (outside). On the inside however, the house was not in great condition. It had dated interiors and slanted, uneven floors that were essentially beyond repair in some places. Jon and Mary began this renovation making changes in the overall layout of the home. They started by opening up the kitchen and adding an island, then added his and hers closets in the master bedroom. The house originally had a laundry space in an outdoor shed, which clearly had to change. Bringing the laundry space inside led to yet another change in the floor plans. Between all of the changes in the layout of the home and the very evident foundation issues, Jon and Mary knew this house would end up being a costly repair.

“Between all of the changes in the layout of the home and the very evident foundation issues, Jon and Mary knew this house would end up being a costly repair.”

After the foundation was evened out, repairs were made, and redesigns came together, the new house started to truly transform. Mary chose new white cabinets for the kitchens and a beautiful mosaic tile. The statement piece in the kitchen, however, was a beautiful farmhouse, bamboo sink that matched both color and style of the new flooring throughout the house. The bamboo sink stood out to so many who visited the house - Jon and Mary were frequently asked about it for months to follow.

“The result was a warm an inviting home that presented strong feelings of serenity from the moment one entered.”

The kitchen makeover was made complete with an island balanced by two wooden support beams and an elegant stainless steel countertop that tied the whole space together. Mary staged the home with a mix of earth tones and colors, balancing the warm natural tones with subtle placement of blue and turquoise. The result was a warm and inviting home that presented strong feeling of serenity from the moment one entered. The new closets in the master bedroom were introduced by a set of vintage barn doors that Mary selected from a local antique store. She repainted the doors to match her very own trademark red frames, giving them a modern look and adding a gorgeous splash of color into the room. In the end, this was a house that was memorable for many reasons, but none more that the beautiful, bamboo kitchen sink.

Looking for more details?

To see this project take place from start to finish, check out Episode 3 of HGTV's "Going For Sold". Here, you will see the process in all its glory with every detail captured on film. If you have any additional questions or you would be interested in speaking with us about your own renovation or design projects, please contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you directly!

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