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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

A complete transformation from the fixer-upper we purchased to the stunning black and white home we turned it into.

When Jon and Mary take on a full home renovation project with new interior and exterior design included, they try to make sure the house can keep a certain uniqueness about it. When taking on the project that eventually became known as the “black and white house”, Mary approached it with a new idea. She realized that the black and white contrast she was imagining would make this home stand out in terms of interior décor. Not only that, the matching exterior she had in mind would make the house one of-a-kind in a neighborhood where the homes sometimes seemed to blend together. Despite Mary’s excitement over the theme, the bold use of contrasting colors was not an easy sell when she presented the idea to Jon.

“Despite Mary's excitement over the theme, the bold use of contrasting colors was not an easy sell when she presented the idea to Jon.”

When looking at renovations in this home, almost everything had to be changed out except for the original hardwood flooring which Jon and Mary were thrilled to discover were still in great shape under some very used carpets. The portion of the house with bedrooms and bathrooms got a minor redesign, allowing for larger bathrooms and bedrooms with a brand new closet space. When it came to the kitchen, a full makeover was needed.

The kitchen was where Mary got her vision for black cabinets. She imagined a space with that was modern and sleek, making the house truly stand out from any other home in the neighborhood. The Black cabinets would be contracted with a bright, white tile backsplash, finished with black grout. Black crown molding would line the whole space and continue throughout the house. After receiving some pushback from Jon and the rest of the team, the vision was put in place and the result was breathtaking. The house that most people had doubts about was the fastest to sell.

Mary staged the home with alternating black and white furnishings but paired them with warm accessories that brought in various hues of burnt orange, fiery red and golden yellows. The spaces brought together a perfect mix of sophistication, drama, and glam, creating the stunning black and white house we turned it into!

Looking for more details?

To see this project take place from start to finish, check out Episode 2 of HGTV's "Going For Sold". Here, you will see the process in all its glory with every detail captured on film. If you have any additional questions or you would be interested in speaking with us about your own renovation or design projects, please contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you directly!

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